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Hey, guys! Please take a second to donate to Arthur’s family if you can, and share this post. 


Mila thinks my new pregnancy pillow should be hers and steals it every chance she gets

Congratulations on your bun in the oven!


Sunday morning hat.


look at this idiot

mesocorgi sent:

Thank you for the lost Corgi rebolgs! I really appreciate it! Jasper Islington

No problem, Jasper. I’m very saddened to see he’s passed. If only dogs could live forever. :-(


I’m deeply saddened to pass on that Donald, the Corgi that was missing after the fatal accident in MT has crossed the Bridge.  Please keep all involved in your hearts and prayers and give your loved ones and extra squeeze tonight. 

I do want to thank everyone for their reblogs and signal boosting to help get the word out. All the support truly meant the world to Donald’s Uprights, their family and friends.

"Our hearts are breaking…Donald, the missing Corgi in Montana, has joined his mom in heaven…please keep Nancy’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers…"





Update from the post last night! LOST CORGI…here is an updated flyer with DONALD’S photos…PLEASE share and help find him….

Signal boosting with updated info!


Lost Corgi after car accident on I-90 at milepost 327 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT Details below! Please signal boost if you’re in the area!

"His name is Ronald, he is very friendly, mostly red with a little white on his face and neck, has lots of hair. His siblings are all safe and sound at the Stafford Animal Shelter and the co-owner will be driving up for them in the next few days. Thanks everyone for keeping your eyes out for him. It’s a good reminder to travel with your pets in crates, all the crated pups were unharmed and safe.”



Two weeks ago we found this very cute and friendly puppy wandering around our apartment complex parking lot.  She was very skinny and had fleas.  We took her into our home gave her a bath and food.  We have looked for her owner but no luck.  After two weeks in our home our children have be come very attached to her.  Unfortunately, my husband and I are a little strapped for cash.  The dog is going to need new puppy shots, flea & tick control, heartworm pills, and eventually spayed.  She also needs to have a new collar, leash, and bowls.  Most of the things that we are using are from a previous dog that died several years ago.  Most of the items are old and need to be replaced.  We have a crate (from the previous dog) but she really needs the next size up for her to be completely comfortable inside it.  We could really use some help paying for the initial expenses for the puppy.  Any amount would help.  If you could please reblog this post it would help us spread the word.  Thank you so much.

~Heather & Dan

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Please spread the word.  Any little bit helps.

We are up to $610.  I am hoping to reach our $1100 goal by Luna’s birthday on Sept 4.  Please continue to spread the word and contribute if you are able.

Luna and I thank you greatly.

$1 helps
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If enough people contribute even that small amount we’ll reach the goal. Most of the contributions thus far have been $5 ones.

You guys rock! Let’s keep Luna’s fundraising going and give her a great birthday gift of reaching her goal!


Duckies are Friends, Not Food.



The voting is now open to choose the pictures for the 2015 CorgiPals benefit calendar.  There are the 32 pictures that are up for “voting.” Here’s how it works: Of the 32 pictures, only 13 can be included. To vote, LIKE the 13 pictures you like the most. Don’t like all of them! The 13 pictures that get the most likes will make it in. Just let me know if you have any questions! 100% of the proceeds go to CorgiPals, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to giving a voice to Corgis in need. *Voting closes on 8/17/2014 at 11:59pm* Click HERE to go the the full album!

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My poor Corgi really hates selfies but I just keep forcing him to take them with me. 


AW YISSSSSS - It’s Shark Corgnado Week!