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"Guns don’t kill people, Jiggles kills people."

Hey guys, gals, and corgi pals! We’re em-BARK-ing on a new adventure (get it), children’s books!! We’re starting a beginners line of children’s books featuring our Corgi, Harley and her friends! A Kickstarter campaign will be launched in about a month to fund the first 3! We hope you’ll give us a chance and support this awesome journey! :D

Follow us for updates and get more details at:

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Next Saturday, Jiggles turns 3!


Been sort of lazy about blogging lately and have thus accumulated a huge backlog of pics. Here are some from Chubby’s birthday outing last month. Hard to imagine he’s already in his late twenties in dog years… soon he’ll be a grumpy old man!

"Oh. I see you just finished doing your nails…"

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Cheek to cheek WARNING!!! Extreme #corgibutts are in effect! If you do not approve of humor and freedom of voice, this photo may upset you!!! We are not responsible for death by cuteness!!! #threecorgis #corgi #love #cute (at www.threecorgis.com)




Here is a reminder to everyone that Arthur is sick and is in need of medical treatment. Arthur’s mom has her own health problems, his dad was out of work for most of last year leading to a pile up of bills, and his big sister is an unemployed college student.

Please help in any way you can, he is all his mom has for company most of the time when his dad his traveling, and his sister lives across an ocean. She has already lost one corgi to illness, to lose another would completely devastate her.


Currently $900/$3700 has been raised, and while Arthur is stable for the moment, that could change at any time.

A corgi from a FB group im part of needs help! He got ran over by a car and needs surgery. Please signal boost to help raise money? http://www.gofundme.com/dtr3mg

Hey, guys. Please help this cutie get better or pass this along to as many people as you can. Thank you.

It takes less than 30 seconds and less than 10 clicks to do all 4 links…PLEASE help dogs and cats in shelters!!


1 - gives kibble to dogs in shelters with a single click

2 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to dogs in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

3 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to cats in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

4 - gives cat litter to cats in shelters with a single click

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Ralph had a glorious weekend swimming and frapping at the lake!


Ed! on a dinosaur


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