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Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my best friend Patches.

She’s a jack russell terrier/corgi mix. I got her when she was nine months old and I was five years old. My parents secretly adopted her from a shelter as a surprise for me. I remember our first meeting. I was walking home from kindergarten and saw this little short-legged black dog in my front yard. She saw me and chased me around the yard, then nipped me in the butt. That’s when I knew we’d be friends.

For about seventeen years she’s been with me, as my dog, as my friend. We’ve called her so many names: Peaches, Chizzy, The Tank, The Moose, The bubblemoose, and most importantly The Baby. She’s seen many other pets, her friends, come into the family and then leave too soon, all the while holding on for all these years. She loves to sleep, she loves to eat, she loves to just be around people. She never bites, never barks at people. She’s been the sweetest dog and in her later years has become more like a grandmother than a dog.

I could go on for a long time about how much she means to me. She’s been my friend for my entire life, and I have so many stories to tell. Recently, however, she’s gone into end-stage renal failure in so short of a time I’ve barely had a chance to fathom it or say goodbye. But,

What I have had is a long time to say I love you, to say how much I care about her. I’ve had seventeen years of love that I will never, ever, ever forget or regret. I love her so dearly that I’m crying while writing this. Saying goodbye to her has been a fear I’ve had for probably ten years…. but I know that she is in pain right now, and that I’ve got to say goodbye to an old friend.

It’s her time to take a nice, long, comfortable nap. She deserves a nice rest, after being such a trooper for so long.

I love you, Patches. I will miss you so much. You’re The Baby, and my baby, and I will never forget you. I’m glad I get to spend one more night with you keeping my toes warm.

i’m sure you gave her the most wonderful, long life that she could have ever hoped for. rest in peace, patches.