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This is Coco!

Coco has had a rough life. We live in an area where corgis are rare. We decided to breed Coco before spaying her, as we wanted more corgis in the house. The breeding attempts were unsuccessful, and we unfortunately discovered that she had an ovarian tumor (which led to our endless guilt for not spaying her). Thankfully, we caught it very early on and she had a hysterectomy before the tumor could spread. Immediately after the surgery she developed a skin disease that caused drastic fur loss, almost becoming completely bald. That was a short-lived affliction (THANK GOD) and her fur is completely restored, except for some thinning on her paws. She is now ten years-old and she’s completely healthy and extraordinarily active, even by corgi standards. She’s been through a lot and she is a hero! I’m proud of my girl for being so tough!

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i’m glad coco is happy and healthy now! :-)